• Alco2Project

Construction of ALCO2 offices - Departmental Council of Hérault (France)


The "Alco 2" project is made up of 6 three-storey building modules interconnected by circulations and walkways leading to green patios. The whole overcomes two levels of underground parking.

The total useful surface is 6590 m².

Project Management Assistance Mission - 
Environmental Quality, Energy and Commissioning 

  • Drafting of the “Energy performance and environmental quality” section of the program and enrichment of the technical program
  • Assistance in analyzing projects in competition phase
  • Technical assistance in monitoring design studies
  • Assistance in consulting companies
  • Monitoring of execution studies
  • Steering and coordination of the commissioning activities of the different actors of the project
  • Monitoring of the proper functioning of systems and performance monitoring
  • Verification of deliverables in accordance with the specifications.


  • Construction of the Darius Milhaud Conservatory - City of Paris (France) [ see ]
  • Construction ISALAB - Engineering School, Laboratories and Research Offices - Basque Country Agglomeration Community (France) [ see ]
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Technical Presentation:

  • Supply from the heating/cooling network of the ALCO site integrating geothermal production
  • Heating/Cooling emission: active slab and underfloor heating as a base and supplement by fan coil units
  • Energy production by 2 solar power plants
  • Ventilation provided by dual-flow energy recovery air handling units (AHU) with freecooling function

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