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Clément Jetté Arena Renovation


The Clément Jetté Arena is located in the Montreal district of Mercier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. In order to comply with the Montreal Protocol for the elimination of HCFCs by 2020, the City of Montreal has undertaken a conversion program of the refrigeration systems of its arenas. The renovation of the refrigeration system offers the opportunity to bring the building architecture and HVAC systems up to current standards, and to improve energy efficiency through energy recovery. This major renovation is seeking LEED Silver certification. 

The project involves replacing the HCFC-22 refrigeration equipment with an ammonia based system whose facilities require the construction of a new 510 m² mechanical room adjacent to the existing arena.  

On this project, Synairgis acts as the commissioning agent, responsible for the quality of the building energy systems. The Cx process optimizes energy efficiency, indoor air quality, occupant comfort and ensures a reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

Building Commissioning - Our mandate as building commissioning agent :

  • Develop and communicate the owner’s requirements and objectives
  • Review plans and specifications to ensure compliance with the owner's requirements
  • Assist the design team, contractor and maintenance personnel to ensure that the building's expected performance is maintained for years to come
  • Ensure that commissioning requirements are effectively communicated and monitored
  • Plan, coordinate and carry out tests and performance evaluations of mechanical equipment during construction
  • Oversee training of building maintenance personnel
  • Document the building commissioning process.  


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