• Comparativestudyenvironmentalfootprint

Comparative Study of the Environmental Footprint of the Building Structure and Envelope


Our team carried out life cycle analysis of a construction project using a decision support tool for designers. By comparing different material and supplier scenarios, the study aimed to identify the major contributors for the manufacture, construction, operation and end-of-life of the building.

LEED Building Design - The following deliverables were provided to the client :

  • Comparison of materials quantities and associated environmental impacts by life-cycle stage
  • Presentation of results according to LEED v4 methodology and incorporating current standards
  • Review of supplier public data
  • Documentation of uncertainties and discrepancies in source data 


  • LEED v4 Feasibility Study and Planning - Industrial Buildings     [ see

This project allowed the owner to have an external and objective opinion on the building systems and their environmental performance. The results provided adequate direction for the project’s communications and marketing plan. Using a simplified method, key data were obtained, without incurring the costs of complete studies.

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