Construction ISALAB - Engineering School, Laboratories and Research Offices - Basque Country Agglomeration Community (France)


Construction of a teaching and research building bringing together ISA BTP (engineering school specializing in public works), SIAME (Engineering Sciences Applied to Mechanics and Electrical Engineering) and LFC-R (Laboratory of Complex Fluids and their Reservoirs).

The total usable area is 4200 m².

Project Manager Assistance Mission -
Energy and Commissioning

  • Assistance in analyzing projects in the competition phase
  • Technical assistance in monitoring design studies
  • Follow-up of execution studies
  • Management and coordination of the commissioning activities of the various actors of the project
  • Monitoring the proper functioning of systems and performance monitoring
  • Verification of deliverables 


  • Construction of ALCO2 Offices - Departmental Council of Hérault (France) [ see ]
  • Restructuring and Extension of the A11 Building - SRIA of University of Bordeaux (France) [ see
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Technical Presentation:

  • Heat/cold production by a geothermal power plant
  • Heating/Cooling emission: radiant ceiling, fan coil units for high occupancy premises
  • Energy production by a photovoltaic power plant in self-consumption
  • Ventilation provided by dual-flow energy recovery air handling units with freecooling function

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