Construction of the Darius Milhaud Conservatory - City of Paris (France)


Located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, this facility replaces the Darius Milhaud conservatory. It will accommodate more students and offer many workspaces: multipurpose, dance or drama studios, multipurpose rooms, auditorium...

Project Manager Assistance Mission -
Energy and Commissioning for the City of PARIS

  • Assistance in monitoring design studies on energy systems (envelope, HVAC, BMS, etc.);
  • Follow-up of execution studies;
  • Management and coordination of the commissioning activities of the various project stakeholders;
  • Verification of the proper functioning of the systems;
  • Verification of deliverables in accordance with the specifications.


  • Restructuring of the Galin Swimming Pool (France) [ see ]
  • Construction of ALCO2 Offices - Departmental Council of Hérault (France) [ see ]
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Technical Sheet:

  • 4,080 m² of area
  • 4 studios
  • 11 multipurpose rooms
  • 2 dance studios
  • 1 multipurpose dance/drama studio
  • 1 orchestra room
  • 1 auditorium

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