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LEED Project Planning - Neighbourhood Development


Our team carried out on behalf of a municipality a mandate of support in the definition of the organizational structure and the overall LEED strategy. This large-scale project aims to achieve the 2009 LEED AQ (Neighbourhood Development) certification. The objective is shared between the proponent and the municipal organization. 

LEED Building Design - The following deliverables have been provided to the client:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of each department involved and the relationship with the proponent
  • Complete Feasibility Review by Target Certification Level
  • Support in the preparation of quotes for the professional services of consultants
  • Hold presentation workshops on LEED AQ with the various departments
  • Define mechanisms for quality assurance and contingency management, and documentation procedures

This mandate provided concrete insight to the various teams on the methodology and management principles of the LEED system.  Specifically, the implementation sequence and milestones, based on the appropriations and prerequisites that have been addressed. The benefit has been to structure the LEED approach and to establish overall planning.


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