Repowering - "Solar Mimizan" (France)


Following a failure impacting the performance of the photovoltaic modules, we supported TOTAL QUADRAN in the repowering of the “Solar Mimizan” solar power plant. Departement: Landes (40)

The plant consists of 4 buildings equipped with photovoltaic modules with an initial power of 1442 kWp. The project consisted of replacing the modules by increasing the initial power by 10%, while keeping the original tariff (2006V3).

Initial power: 1,442 kWp
Current power: 1580 kWp
Capture area: 8160 m²

Expertise put into practice: Renewable energies, LV/HV electricity, Structure

Technical and Operational Project Management Assistance Mission  for Total Quadran 

  • production of tender documents; 
  • assistance of the client in selecting companies; 
  • monitoring of implementation studies; 
  • steering and coordination of the activities of the various actors of the project; 
  • verification of deliverables in accordance with the specifications ;
  • administrative assistance

Re-commissioning on 2021/02/11 (EDF OA, Enedis, etc.)


  • Structural Reinforcement of the TGV Avignon - CS Gigognan Solar Power Plant [ see ]
  • Repowering Vanilla SOLAR [ upcoming ]

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