ADEME— “Aid Energy Renovation of Tertiary Buildings (Local Authority and Private Tertiary Sector)”

Support for the Implementation of Energy Performance Contract anc Commissioning Missions

Buildings in the health sector and/or the public service sector are primarily targeted by this call for projects.

Following the new regulations of July 2019 in France on reducing energy consumption in tertiary buildings (click here to read the article), ADEME, the Environment and Energy Management Agency, helps you to secure your energy savings and reduce the operating costs of your buildings induced by energy management investments, with a decision support system for the following studies:

  • AMO (in French, project manager assistant PMA) for the implementation of Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) which will guarantee a reduction of 40% in energy consumption for a single building and 30% for a set of buildings. This assistance relates to carrying out the feasibility and opportunity study of a childcare center (upstream phase) and for the drafting and award procedure of the childcare center, its monitoring and its execution (downstream phase).

  •  Implementation of commissioning missions aimed at setting up a global quality approach from design to operation. The commissioning mission covers global renovation projects, combining work on systems, but also on the building envelope, with a minimum reduction target of 40% in consumption or a BBC Renovation objective.

Synairgis supports you in these steps to optimize, adjust and monitor the renovation of your assets.

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