Energetic Autonomy

In a context of controlling final energy consumption, the production of renewable and local energy is a strong link in the energy transition.

Synairgis supports companies, local public players and contractors in their energy self-sufficiency projects through the implementation of productions mobilizing renewable energies:

  • Biomass

  • Solar photovoltaic or thermal

  • Geothermal

We assist you on all stages of your project, from the feasibility study to its acceptance, through assistance in setting up administrative files, drafting the technical and functional program, consulting companies, monitoring of works and performance monitoring.


Step 1: Potential study of energy sources and fluids that can be mobilized on the perimeter of the site:

  • On-site inventory of available renewable energies such as solar, geothermal, biomass, etc.

  • Determination of production potentials

Step 2: Comparative analysis of different scenarios available between objectives, needs and potentials.

Search for the best technical and economic compromise between the different renewable energy production scenarios, the daily and monthly needs of the installations, knowing the project owner's objectives and the production capacities.

Step 3: Administrative and technical-economic support.

Assistance in the drafting of files for the various administrative authorizations: building permit, declaration of works, request for authorization (if necessary), grant application files.

Step 4: Realization of the project

Assistance for the consultation and choice of service providers: drafting of the expression of needs and analysis of offers.

We ensure the verification and planning of the various studies, works, and their proper execution in compliance with deadlines and in terms of Safety and Health Protection.

Step 5: Reception operation support

Support until acceptance of the work and verification of the conformity of the installations (until the lifting of any reservations).

Our strengths:

  • a multidisciplinary team

  • recognized expertise

  • with + 10 years of experience

  • a wide range of skills in renewable energies

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