Environmental Approach and Certification

In order to enhance the heritage and to concretize a desire to build better by reducing the environmental impact, many owners choose to have their buildings certified as part of an environmental label or approach.

Synairgis supports you in your commitment by monitoring the process and coordinating all the players around this objective in order to guarantee that you obtain the label or certification targeted.


Step 1: Being part of an environmental approach first requires verifying the adequacy between the objectives pursued and the budget of the operation.

Step 2: Next, we define the environmental profile. The certifications and labels provide for numerous provisions according to several themes (water, energy, comfort, health, etc.). It is necessary to arbitrate and make strategic choices, because it is complicated to satisfy all of these provisions and this represents a significant additional cost. Thus, in collaboration with the client, we rank the priorities according to his sensitivities and define the themes on which significant efforts will be undertaken within the framework of his project.

Step 3: Follow-up of design studies to ensure that the choices are in line with the objectives set. As part of the monitoring of the process, we can also actively participate in the design choices, by being a source of proposals with the project management and by carrying out the technical studies to justify the achievement of the objectives.

Step 4: Assembly of the technical and administrative file, preparation of the commissions within the framework of certain labels.

Step 5: Follow-up of the process during the works to prevent any deviation from the objectives, administrative follow-up and operational follow-up until the certification or label is obtained.

Synairgis therefore offers to support project owners and project management teams in the context of HQE (High Quality Environmental) and LEED certifications and Bâtiments Durables Occitanie (BDO) (Sustainable Buildings Occitanie) and BDM (Bâtiments Durables Méditerranéens (Mediterranean Sustainable Buildings) approaches.

Our strengths:

  • a thermal and energy specialist
  • two LEED-certified specialists
  • extensive experience in technical studies in correlation with environmental certifications
  • a single software to carry out all the studies

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