Tertiary Decree Support (French Market)

Synairgis will support you in all stages of the Tertiary Decree process with the aim of guaranteeing the sustainable improvement of the energy performance of your real estate assets and reducing energy consumption compared to a reference situation in order to meet the objectives. of the ELAN law.

Our experts bring you their experience and their global vision of the multiple challenges of this approach, from the definition of a global strategy, to the implementation and monitoring of an action plan to reduce the energy consumption of your buildings.

Synairgis will bring you all its expertise implemented through our intervention methodology.


Step 1: Framing the mission and gathering information

  • Definition of the reference year

  • Definition of the subject scope

  • Collection of data relating to buildings, their technical installations and their energy consumption

Step 2: On-site survey of relevant information and data relating to performance, the state of dilapidation of the thermal envelope and technical installations, discussions with users to understand the actual use of the building and its level of comfort.

Step 3: Critical analysis of the data collected, identification of weak points in terms of energy and drafting of energy improvement solutions.

Stage 4: Realization of the thermal modeling of the building and its operation. The thermal simulation will take into account actual use and weather conditions over a reference year in order to assess energy consumption. Adjustments are made to match the theoretical consumption from the generated model with the actual consumption.

Step 5: Complete definition of energy improvement solutions

  • Technical description and implementation methods

  • Thermal simulation to assess energy gains

  • Estimated budget

Step 6: Establishment of action plans grouping together several solutions with implementation schedule, making it possible to achieve the objectives set by law. 

Regulatory context:

Decree No. 2019-771 of July 23, 2019 sets the targets for reducing the energy consumption of tertiary buildings up to:

  • 40 % in 2030

  • 50 % in 2040

  • 60 % in 2050

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Our strengths:

  • a multidisciplinary team
  • an experience of + 15 years in energy performance (energy audits, CPE, commissioning, management) 

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