Sustainable building - Certification and management

Sustainable buildings are a legacy to future generations. They have a major impact on our quality of life, on the performance of workers, and even on the public image of the companies and organizations that occupy them.

Synairgis offers a wide range of services to help property managers, designers and builders achieve this vision, while respecting the reference frameworks created by certification bodies, and achieving the appropriate level of certification to recognize efforts.

So let’s go back to the sources: certifications are quality assurance tools. Good quality assurance must be provided by an independent expert. Synairgis works for you, verifying compliance with certification, in the interest of all.

Your benefits

  • Give your certification to an expert
  • Obtain certification quickly following construction
  • Make good decisions with independent expert advice
  • Compliance with construction specifications
  • Impact of the site on the neighbourhood
  • Keep a close track of items
  • Identify the simplest methods to respond to credits
  • Achieve the level of certification you are aiming for
  • Get a building that performs as expected
  • Get more points with our expertise

LEED Coordinator

The success of a LEED project depends very much on the expertise of the LEED-certified professional who coordinates it, and that’s our specialty. We can work with the design teams to establish the desired score and document the LEED specification or accompany general contractors during construction to ensure LEED compliance and provide the required documentation. Our expertise makes it possible to simplify the process, to support the teams in their work, to save costs by choosing the right strategies, and to obtain certification more quickly through the close follow-up.

We mainly carry out LEED-NC projects but master the other evaluation systems.

Green building advisory services

Our multidisciplinary team can carry out a multitude of complementary works, essential for the realization of sustainable buildings:

  • Building Life Cycle Analysis Study
  • Simulation of natural light
  • Energy Simulations
  • Technical and economic feasibility study
  • Pre-qualification of building materials


In addition to coordinating certification and assembling documentation for you, Synairgis is able to:

  • The energy balance sheet,
  • The Energy Management Plan,
  • The objective of reducing and/or evaluating water consumption,
  • The plan to reduce water consumption,
  • and other work required by the BOMA BEST programme.


We coordinate your HQE (High Environmental Quality) certification projects through our French agency in Montpellier, in France, thanks to our mastery of this certification and our in-depth knowledge of sustainable construction.

LEED for Neighbourhood Development (LEED-AQ) 

To go further with sustainable land use planning, Synairgis can guide you through your LEED Neighbourhood Development Certification project.

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