Commissioning (Cx)

Quality assurance process to ensure that the objectives and performances targeted by the contracting authority are achieved and that all the conditions are met to maintain these performances in the operating phase

Synairgis will endeavor to complete the project so that it reaches the contractual performance levels, guarantees the expected functionalities and meets all the conditions to maintain these performances, by guaranteeing the link between:

  • the various project stakeholders: project owner, design or project management team, companies, operator

  • the different phases of the project: from the programming phase to the operation, through the design and construction phases


Programming phase: Definition and drafting of the requirements and objectives of the contracting authority:

  • System functionality and energy performance requirements

  • Expected performance levels

  • Issues in terms of durability, maintenance and accessibility of systems,

  • Training and documentation needs for operation and maintenance

Development of a commissioning plan (or commissioning) defining the roles and responsibilities of each of the stakeholders during all phases of the project.

Competition phase: Assistance in the analysis of projects to see if they meet the requirements of the client, on the basis of a comparative study integrating the various performance indicators. This comparison will ensure traceability of these throughout the project.

Design phases: Follow-up of design studies from the APS phase to the PRO phase to verify compliance with performance objectives and requirements of the client.

Challenge of technical design offices on energy solutions and overall costs with a view to optimization.

EXE phase: Follow-up of execution studies, analysis of variants and establishment of self-check lists.

Work phase:

  • Monitoring and control of the proper implementation of works and technical installations

  • Follow-up of company self-checks

  • Verification of their completeness and compliance with performance objectives and the requirements of the contracting authority

  • Preparation of the phases of proper functioning tests, development and commissioning

Acceptance phase: Participation in the development and performance of tests for the proper functioning of the various systems in collaboration with the companies and the project manager. Participation in the lifting of reservations.

Operation phase:

  • Verification of the clarity and completeness of the DOE, DIUO, DUEM and establishment of the operator's training plan

  • Monitoring of proper use, functionality and operating conditions: participation in the seasonal fine-tuning of installations, establishment of performance monitoring processes, tracking of drifts and identification of failures in collaboration with the multi-technical maintainer

  • Assistance in monitoring GPA and GBF, assistance in setting up an energy performance contract in operation, etc

Our strengths:

  • a multidisciplinary and highly experienced team in the commissioning process

  • experience on various types of buildings: offices, public facilities, hospitals, laboratories, etc.

  • a certified engineer
    “Expert in building commissioning”

  • an expertise and measurement center

  • an ability to work in collaboration with all the actors of an operation


Synairgis adapts its services and the scope of the commission according to the performance commitments defined in the specifications, the requirements of the certifications and energy labels targeted:

  • LEED
  • HQE Operation

This service can be offered alone to complete a team or be part of an integrated offer by our QEB services

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