An ecological approach to building design, respectful of the environment and part of a sustainable development approach

Constructing a building nowadays involves deep reflection rooted in the issues we face such as the depletion of natural resources and fossil fuels, the destruction of ecosystems or global warming. Thus, the question of the environmental impact of buildings arises not only in terms of construction, but also in terms of operation and future. The design must be thought sustainably to be ecological.

Synairgis, through its expertise in this area, will allow you to:

  • carry out a broader reflection on the design of the project and its environmental and energy impacts

  • thinking in the long term by favoring simple and lasting solutions by anticipating future replacements and modifications that may occur

  • make reasoned choices by favoring biosourced or geo-sourced materials, local sectors and short circuits, etc.

  • include a project in an approach that affects living species as little as possible

This approach requires a good knowledge of non-industrial ecological solutions and a taste for innovation which can result in the search for simple and sustainable solutions.

It is through this approach that Synairgis offers to support project owners and project management teams in order to achieve a project that is consistent with current ecological issues.

Our strengths:

  • a permanent technical watch on sustainable construction solutions

  • a long-term vision and a rational and pragmatic approach

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