Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

Retro-commissioning process that applies to existing buildings that have not been commissioned. It aims to improve the way devices and systems work together. 

The management and regulation of equipment is a major challenge in improving the energy performance of buildings. Their optimization generates energy savings of around 25% of their consumption.

Synairgis optimizes the operation of your building or installation. Our experienced and multidisciplinary team identifies and implements economic operational measures for a sustainable result allowing to:

  • reduce your energy bills

  • improve user comfort and reduce complaints

  • improve the durability and lifespan of your equipment


Phase 1: Conducting an energy audit

Phase 2: Carrying out investigations

  • Carrying out seasonal tests

  • Verification of the correct sizing and proper operation of the installations and their regulations in line with the conditions of occupation of the building (temperature measurements, flow rates, etc.)

Phase 3: Recommendation and action plan

  • Fine optimization of equipment regulation laws

  • Recommendations on building energy systems that can mobilize renewable energies

  • Proposal of an action plan allowing the energy improvement of the building and the realization of financial savings

Phase 4: Knowledge transfer

  • Development of a systems manual

  • Training of maintenance personnel

  • Assistance with the implementation of a CPE

Our strengths:

  • experience on various types of buildings: offices, public facilities, hospitals, laboratories, etc.

  • an engineer certified “Expert in commissioning of buildings” with AFNOR

  • an expertise and measurement center

  • an ability to work in collaboration with all the actors of an operation

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