• BennyFarm

Performance Mesurement - Benny Farm


Measurement and verification project for a group of multi-residential buildings. 

The systems included in this measurement project are :

  • Combined geothermal and solar thermal systems serving a group of 140 housing units
  • Solar wall
  • Gray water treatment and recovery system

Benny Farm is a group of affordable housing buildings renovated in 2000 with the goal of establisihing a sustainable building complex. This work notably resulted in the installation of several renewable energy technologies and grey water recovery. The project managers and partner agencies mandated Synairgis to implement a measurement plan to monitor and analyze the buildings’ performance in terms of energy and potable water savings. 

Energy Efficiency – Our mandate :

  • Preparation of the measurement plan
  • Data collection
  • Analysis of results
  • Presentation of the final report 


  • Improving the energy efficiency of a residential condo building [ see ]             
  • Level 2 ASHRAE energy audit and feasibility study to optimize energy consumption [ see ]

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