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Level 2 ASHRAE Energy Audit and Feasibility Study to Optimize Energy Consumption


This 10 story Montreal office building (120 000 square feet) was constructed in the 90's. Its envelope is entirely composed of a curtain wall and the mechanical systems are 100% electric. 

The property management company that owns the building requested an analysis of the energy performance of the systems and envelope in order to precisely plan building maintenance and upgrades over the coming years. 

The main tenant and the owner were the stakeholders in this planning and optimization exercise.  

Energy Efficiency – Our mandate :

  • Verification of the energy consumption according to ASHRAE Level 2
  • Documentation of building features and systems
  • Detailed analysis of building energy use costs and savings analysis for all practical measures that address the owner’s constraints and economic criteria
  • Presentation to the owner and operating personnel to discuss priorities and aid in the selection of measures to implement, points requiring further analysis


  • Energy Audit and Feasibility Study for Energy Efficiency Optimization of an Office Building [ see

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