Buildings commissioning

New building projects are designed by visionaries, who leave a permanent mark on built heritage. The objectives are among others to better meet needs, to limit maintenance, to increase performance, to project a positive image.

Commissioning is intended to ensure the quality of the buildings. This is to ensure that the buildings are meeting the needs of their owners and that their systems are performing as intended.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Better construction and operation quality improve customer satisfaction, reduces contractor calls for services, and brings actual performance closer to the designer’s vision.

Your benefits

  • Limits deficiencies and manages them before occupancy
  • Improves occupant satisfaction
  • Improved service life of equipment
  • Fewer calls for services by contractors
  • Reduced building operating costs
  • Improves occupant and public perception
  • Save money by also entrusting us with managing LEED certification

Our expertise

Independent LEED Commissioning agent

LEED certification requires commissioning of the building. The commissioning agent must be independent of the design team. Synairgis meets these requirements.

Enhanced Commissioning

If required, Synairgis may also perform an “enhanced” commissioning or “envelope” commissioning, which provides additional LEED points. This service includes, among other things, plan reviews.

Measurement and verification

Measurement and verification are used to monitor the energy consumption of a building’s mechanical and electrical systems.

Synairgis selects equipment to monitor and identifies measurement solutions based on your needs and budget.

Measurement and verification can be part of a LEED project and provide additional credit.

Integrated offer for LEED projects 

This service can be offered alone to complement a team or be part of an integrated offer for sustainable buildings, such as :

  • Managing the LEED certification file
  • The commissioning of buildings
  • Energy simulations
  • Measurement and verification

Contractor Commissioning Coordinator

To ensure the profitability of a project, a contractor must be able to close down his projects quickly. Limit deficiencies, resolve them quickly, satisfy your client.

Compliance and proper functioning of electromechanical systems are crucial to achieving this goal.

Synairgis assists the Superintendent and the Project Authority in conducting system start-up tests and demonstrating their proper operation.

In addition, Synairgis ensures that it meets the requirements of a LEED project to train the customer’s maintenance staff and provide LEED commissioning documentation to the customer’s Commissioning Agent.

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